silent gatherings

range the sky, their whispers

gilded by sun’s descent

Published by pamallnuttg

I love to go for walks in nature. Experiencing and observing the daily and hourly changes in my own neighborhood keeps me in awe of the complexity of our shared world. Learning about life through the creative process, whether it be writing, painting, sculpture, or gardening, helps to keep me grounded and humbled.

2 thoughts on “clouds

  1. Pam – I love seeing these gorgeous photos and “just right” words of describing the emotion in the photos! You are certainly embracing the platform and sending so much beauty out into the world through your posts!


    1. Thanks, Gail. It’s been good to have this outlet to keep me looking and thinking and being grateful. We’ll have to explore Newfield’s gardens again some fine day, now that they are open.

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