marking the days

I am once again entering into the writing life by starting this new blog. It has been four years since leaving my first blog – “through the jelly jar”. During that time, big life changes have happened. My husband and I retired and we moved to a different area of the country. I walked with my dad through the last years of his life and witnessed his passing a year ago. After settling into a new home and starting the process of making new friends, COVID19 came along and put so many things on hold. This blog is a path to becoming more in touch with this new stage of life and marking the days in a meaningful way.

Published by pamallnuttg

I love to go for walks in nature. Experiencing and observing the daily and hourly changes in my own neighborhood keeps me in awe of the complexity of our shared world. Learning about life through the creative process, whether it be writing, painting, sculpture, or gardening, helps to keep me grounded and humbled.

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